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TV Formats

At Cooil Creative we are continually adding to our library of formats. We develop original concepts in-house and work with producers and other creatives to develop third-party concepts for presentation to broadcasters.

Cooil have sold options to a number of UK and international production companies, including Sony Pictures Television International, Celador International, World of Wonder UK, 2waytraffic, North One and CBS of America.

We have worked as creative consultants, helping to develop in-house shows for Celador International, 2waytraffic and Mighty Fine Productions and we have developed original shows with Pye Media, Alchemy, NBC Universal  and Peacock Productions.

All formats start life as an idea that gets written down on paper, but paper formats are often difficult to pitch and difficult for the buyer to visualise. A good UPS (unique selling point) is one thing, but the mechanism of the show is important too.

This is why here at Cooil we are increasingly using animated graphics to illustrate the basic structure of our new formats. These presentations, or story boards, convey the essence of the show in a short 3 to 5 minute animated video, giving the buyer a better idea of what the show is all about.

If you are interested in any of Cooil's original formats, or would like us to help you to develop, or construct a presentation for one of your in-house concepts, please contact us at

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