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Digital Art

Cooil specialise in animated visuals and digital art.

We are proud to have created the graphics and digital art for "A Sense of Calm," using the scientific principles of sensory stimulation to produce the sensory relaxation DVD title "Liquid Silk Sensory Relaxation," which is available from

"A Sense of Calm" provides the benefits of a sensory room in the convenient form of a dvd and can be used by anyone in need of a little relaxation. The dvds are an excellent resource in helping to alleviate the frustrations of those living with underlying medical conditions that causes them to become agitated and stressed.  In fact, "A Sense of Calm" is already being used in over 500 care homes and special needs schools throughout the UK.

Check out  "A Sense of Calm" at

Visual and audio stimuli can combine to form a powerful sensory experience, transforming the ambience of a room, making  these animated visuals and music more than just art, but a means of creating atmosphere in a space, whether it be a  commercial space, a  medical setting, or an entertainment and leisure environment, such as a waiting room, cafe, or restaurant.

If you are interested in our animated digital art concepts, or would like us to help you use digital visual art to create an atmosphere in your own space please contact

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